List of claims and exemptions under the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act

This table summarizes claims and exemptions from disclosure of confidential business information that have been submitted to Health Canada under the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act.

This page is updated on a regular basis to include new claims filed with Health Canada, as well as status updates for existing claims and exemptions.

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Table - List of claims and exemptions
Registry number Case number Claimant name Product identifier Claim/exemption status Exemption expiry date
3500552 2023-003321 Dow Chemical Canada ULC UCARSOL(TM) Solvent Component DHM Active 2026-02-25
3500549 2023-003240 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ltd. KS-21TM Solvent Active 2026-03-21
3500548 2023-003239 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ltd. KS-1TM Solvent 70wt. % Active 2026-03-21
3500382 2023-003075 Stepan Company AGENT 2517-74N Active 2026-03-04
3500381 2023-003053 Stepan Company AGENT 2641-14 Active 2026-03-04
3499981 2023-002367 Lamberti Canada, Incorporated HI 232C Active 2026-04-06
3499856 2023-001985 Afton Chemical Corporation HiTEC 5158 Performance Additive Active 2026-05-04
3499344 2023-000912 Baker Hughes Canada Company FORSA SCW600 SCALE INHIBITOR Active 2026-02-18
3499341 2023-000890 Ingevity Corporation INDULIN AA-28 Active 2026-02-21
3499340 2023-000889 Ingevity Corporation INDULIN SBT Active 2026-03-31