List of claims and exemptions under the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act

This table summarizes claims and exemptions from disclosure of confidential business information that have been submitted to Health Canada under the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act.

This page is updated on a regular basis to include new claims filed with Health Canada, as well as status updates for existing claims and exemptions.

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Table - List of claims and exemptions
Registry number Case number Claimant name Product identifier Claim/exemption status Exemption expiry date
3496549 2022-072444 Rockwater Energy Solutions, LLC IWT C1232D Withdrawn
3496195 2022-071978 Ingevity Corporation EnvaMul 2612 Active 2026-02-03
3496194 2022-071977 Ingevity Corporation EnvaMul 2602 Active 2026-02-03
3496192 2022-071860 ArrMaz Products Inc. WarmGrip® Z1 Active 2026-06-10
3495586 2022-071144 Baker Hughes Canada Company TRETOLITE™ RBW747 WATER CLARIFIER Active 2026-06-01
3495587 2022-070981 NexGen Oilfield Chemicals LLC ScavGen 1022 Active 2026-02-02
3497166 2022-070709 Afton Chemical Corporation HiTEC 4142 Fuel Additive Active 2026-02-07
3495237 2022-070516 Baker Hughes Canada Company TOPGUARD™ 1130D NEUTRALIZER Active 2026-02-03
3495236 2022-070511 Baker Hughes Canada Company RE34759PAO PARAFFIN INHIBITOR Active 2026-02-07
3494886 2022-069966 The Chemours Canada Company Krytox™ AUT 2E45 Invalid